Bikini Snatch Weight Loss Thermal Wraps

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Nina Sharae Bikini Snatched Body weight loss wraps are designed to provide weight loss results as it detoxifies your cells through thermal action and targets bumpy areas. Our fat burning wraps can be used as a stomach wrap to lose weight, thigh wraps for weight loss, and arm wraps to lose inches. Tummy wraps for weight loss help shed pounds fast while you workout without all the mess! Easy to use with no odor and no special maintenance!


Nina Sharae Bikini Snatched Body best weight loss wraps are tear-resistant and hygienic providing you with simple body wrap treatments for wcight loss. Our wraps will help you achieved your weight loss goals  by elevating body temp under the wrap in order to release toxins and help you sweat inches off your body.


Pair with our CBD Anti-Cellulite Cream for incredible results.