"Mile High" Bedazzled Universal Seat Belt Extender

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Type A Seatbelt extender for all airlines EXCEPT Southwest. 

Hand-placed Crystal Seatbelt extender is catered to curvy, pregnant, and women who travel with infants on their lap. 

  • COMFORTABLE JOURNEY: Easily adjust the airplane seat belt extension, put your mind and body at ease. Save you many uncomfortable journeys. No longer need to ask a flight attendant for an extender!
  • SAFETY: Our aircraft seat belt extender meets FAA & E4 safety standards. It complies with the 2018 improved version made from national standard polyester ribbon and chrome-plated steel.
  • PORTABLE: The plane seat belt extender is mini and easy to carry. You can simply fold up it and keep it in your pocket, luggage, bag, etc. Discreetly use it without embarrassment.
  • The airline-approved seat belt extender is similar in color to most airplane seat belts, which are usually grey. It will not make the extender noticeable to flight attendants, who might give you a hard time about not using the airline's extender.
  • WORTHY: Get your own now! Invest in your safety and comfort now and you will have a pleasant trip! We guarantee to offer high-quality products